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Armchair BEA day 3

Hello everyone! If you're a new follower/stopping by for Armchair BEA feel free to give my introductory post a glance

So today's feature is interviews between bloggers, I signed up too late to participate in this, so the alternative post is to feature some of your favourite book blogs/bloggers.

Well, two of my favourite people have recently started blogging so I'm going to feature them! They are:

My boyfriend, Lee over at Graphically Inclined
and one of my best friends Amy-chan over at Amy's Adumbrations 

I asked both of them a few questions, and here are their answers...

Lee's interview:

Tell us about yourself
I’m Lee, my character attributes include hair, curiosity and an overwhelming desire to not die

What do you enjoy most about reading?
As far as I’m concerned it’s about finding a character you can relate to, find either some basic human traits, well realised or a complex character who you want to empathise with and following them through their journey

If you could be a character from any book what would it be?
Batman or Tyler Durden [from Fight Club]
As you're a comic/graphic novel reviewer, what are your top 5?
At the moment (subject to change)
2.Batman - Long Halloween
3.Superman – Red Son
4.Swamp Thing – Earth to Earth
5.Batman – Dark Knight Returns

What comic/graphic novel would you recommend to someone who wanted to start reading them?
Start with what you like ultimately, I started with Alien graphic novels cause a loved the films but if you just want something to get your teeth into I’d say the Killing Joke, at only 64 pages it really gets across some rather powerful themes, it’s pure batman and it really goes to show that comic’s ought be considered an art form and you'll be hard pressed to find it for more than £10 (it was also the comic that Heath Ledger based his joker performance on) 

What do you like about comics/graphic novels?
Superheroes are the modern demigods. All the archetypes are there from Shakespearian plays, Christian parables, Greek mythology and beyond. There’s also a particular appeal about the way that the staples of the comic book industry (the batman’s, the green lanterns, the superman’s) just exist in this nebulous time zone. Batman appeared in action comics in ’39 and he’s never aged a day, these characters grip at people’s imaginations still, they get a bad writer and you loath it they get a good writer and it’s perfect but these characters exist to be written good or bad, they exist through the prism that they are written.

Thanks for the interview Lee! As you can probably tell, he took every question seriously apart from the first one, which is a massive improvement on the first draft of answers he emailed can find Lee over at Graphically Inclined where he will review mostly Graphic Novels, with possibly the occasional book and movie thrown in. Even if you don't like graphic novels much, his blog is definitely worth checking out because he is actually pretty funny (I'm not just saying that cus he's my bf, honest)

And now onto Amy's interview:

List your top 5 favourite books.

This is a difficult question to ask when there’s so many to choose from.
• Mortal Instruments – Cassandra Clare
• Clockwork Angel – Cassandra Clare (sensing a theme yet)
• Vampire Academy series – Richelle Mead
• Harry Potter – JK Rowling (My love has never waned so I think these will always have a place in my top five)
• Raging Quiet – Sherryl Jordan 

Who is your favourite female character and why?

Favourite female character would have to be Rose in the Vampire Academy series. She has all the flaws that I find a little off putting in many portrayals of women in books. However, she’s also fun and does what she wants to do, which I can relate to a little. So yeah Rose it is. 

Who is your favourite male character and why?

Favourite male character would have to be Jace from the Mortal Instruments series. I find him to be moody, loving and infinitely interesting. He’s a contradiction, and I love arrogance if it’s of the good kind..

If you could change any event in any book what would it be?

If I could change any event it would definitely be when Dobby... I don’t think I would change anything significant, although in The Last Sacrifice maybe let Adrian down a bit more gently. I felt really bad for him which kind of ruined the end of the book for me, but events not so much a-changing :/

You've got £30. What books would you be buying right now?

• Die for Me – Amy Plum
• Beautiful Dead- Yvonne Woon
• Born at Midnight- Hunter
• Across The Universe – Beth Revis
• The Demon Trappers – Jana Oliver

 If you could insert yourself into any book which would it be and why?

If I could insert myself into any book it would be Clockwork Angel. I love the idea of the institute and the world Clare has created, it’s spectacular. It’s one of those books that you can truly float for a while.

Thankyou Amy!! I don't think you're the only one with a soft spot for Jace, however I reckon me and Amy are pretty unique in that we both love Clockwork Angel so much, most Cassie Clare fans seem to prefer the MI series, though possibly this is just because there are currently more books, so it's easier to feel more connected? On a side note, I actually own the top 3 books Amy would buy, which is lucky for her as we're both home for the summer in a few weeks and I have a HUGE pile of books (including those 3) to lend her! 

It's so nice to have some of my favourite RL people blogging! One more thing we have in common and can talk about!

As both Amy and Lee are new to the blogging world, they'd both really appreciate it if you could take the time to stop by their blogs and say hi! And I'm sure they'd be more than happy to return the favour =]

Thanks for reading my interviews! If you hosted an interview on your blog, or were interviewed on another blog, please leave your link in the comments so I can have a read! I love blogger interviews, it's so nice to read more about the person behind the blog!

**You can also read the interview Audra conducted with me at her blog Unabridged Chick! She picked excellent questions!**


  1. That was a great interview. I agree with Amy on the Adrian part, I felt so bad for him that the end was kind of ruined for me. :( It was a brutal breakup.

    Hi! I'll stop by your blogs now :)

  2. That's the first time I've heard anyone wax so eloquent about graphic novels. Nice interview.

  3. Nice interview questions. I am also eager to read Die for Me. I am going to read it next week when BEA is over. I'm excited to read it after all the great reviews.

    I found you through Fiktshun. Hope to stay connected, I followed you so I hope we will. Your blog design is also very lovely.

    Networking With My Favorite Bloggers

  4. Great interviews! I love that Lee picked Tyler Durden from Fight Club. What a great and disturbing character he is! (Tyler, I mean...) :)

    And I loved the question about inserting yourself into a story. Half the books I read I think I'd be too terrified to hop in. What with the fact that the non-essential characters always seem to be dying...

  5. Hello, Cait, from another Cait! I loved Wither and I'm perpetually snotty about a lot of YA material out there. It was great book. Nice interviews! I read graphic novels too and take them very seriously so I found two new blogs today! Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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