Thursday, 30 June 2011

Review Appreciation Day [3] Blog Hop!

Welcome to the 3rd Review Appreciation Day blog hop! The idea of this weekly event is to incorporate all the fun and social interaction of a bloghop, whilst also getting some love for our reviews!

Here are the rules:

-Only one link per person please!
-Your link will go directly to a review, either a new one or an old one of your choosing (or one that fit the weekly theme)
-The title of your link should be the name of your blog, not the name of the book you review
-Visit as many blogs and read as many reviews as you can!

Guys, please can I request that you somehow LINK your reviews back to this page when you've signed up? I know most of you have already had your reviews written and posted when you link up, and that it's a total pain, but people aren't going to know to get involved if this doesn't happen. Please either put the picture at the top of this post at the beginning/end of your review with a link back here, or a little note stating "this review is part of the Review Appreciation Day blog hop hosted over at The Cait Files" with a link back. It'll take you 2 seconds to add it, and I'd really appreciate it. 

Now, for the themes. I've created a couple of themes in advance, so hopefully it'll help you to plan your reviews.

7/7-MAGIC. As all good Harry Potter fans know, 7 is the most powerfully magical number, and so the theme for this week is MAGIC. This leads on well to the following week's theme which is...

14/7-HARRY POTTER. As the last *sob* HP film comes out the next day, I thought it'd be pretty cool if we all did HP related stuff this day. That could be a review of your favourite book or movie, a character profile for one of your fave characters, a list of likes and dislikes...whatever you fancy!

21/7-MYTHOLOGY. Mythology is hot stuff in YA right now, so I thought we could all include a review based around this theme

28/7-FAMILY. I don't think family comes to play in books very often (unless you count the fact most MC's seem to come from a broken one) so I thought it'd be cool to share reviews in which family plays an important role!

You can see my review of Winterborne here

Link up and start hopping!!

and one final note, my graduation giveaway ends TODAY at 23:59 GMT, make sure you'v submitted your entry by then! You can enter here 


  1. I saw the 3 after the title and I immediately wondered, "How did I miss the other two?" lol. I need to decided which review I want to include. :) Thanks for doing this.

  2. Congrats on reaching 500 followers! I was planning on participating in this but given that I just posted my latest review, I think I'm a bit too late. I'm glad you're continuing with this meme though :).


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