Friday, 18 November 2011

Dystopia themed month...

The Hunger Games Movie Poster

So I think it would be pretty awesome to do a themed month! As I LOVE dystopian novels currently, I'm feeling this for my theme!

My intention is to have lots of dystopian book reviews, some author guest posts and interviews, giveaways, discussions, blogger guest name it, we're having it.

Now personally I think February is a good month, it's kinda bleak and yet it leads into spring, a more light and hopeful and happy time...and I think this lends itself well to dystopia really. February is also my blogoversary month, so it would be something special to do then.

However, what with THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE *screams with delight* AND the release of Pandemonium in March I'm thinking this would also be a good month!

So I'm looking for your input here. 1. Do you think Feb or March is a better month and 2. Would you like to participate in any way (either as a blogger or as a author with a Dystopian novel!)

Please vote in the poll about the month!! Your input would be most appreciated (feel free to leave a comment too!)

If you're an author and you'd like to take part in my dystopia month please contact me at caitlinhlomasATgmailDOTcom - I'd love to have you participate and will do my best to accommodate whatever you need!


  1. I am happy to do a review if you would like one.

  2. Brilliant idea! :) I can't get enough dystopia, and I love the idea of devoting a month to it. :)

  3. Ooh what a fantastic idea! I love events themed around dystopian novels because... well, they're amazing, obviously :)

    Hmm. March has a dystopia feel mainly because of THG mania (and it's autumn for me!). February, I think of fluffy hearts and lovelovelove haha. But that would be a really great way to celebrate your blogoversary. I think readers would be happy with either month!

    Either way, I cannot wait to see what you have planned!


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