Thursday, 23 February 2012

Blogoversary week: The Highlights: Specific

Hi guys! So yesterday I did my general blogging highlights as part of my Blogoversary week. I realised I had loads of little moments that really stood out for me, so I thought I'd do a more specific post today.

1.Reaching 100 followers
This was particularly special because it coincided with my one month blogoversary AND with my first ever author interview (with Aimee Carter) AND my first ever giveaway so it was lots of good things all at once!!

2. Amy Plum's comment about my Die For Me review. 
I linked Amy to the review and she tweeted back this AMAZING comment:
"I can't tell you how touched I am by your review, Caitlin. Truly touched. As in teary. You totally got what I was trying for. ♥♥"
which seriously just made me feel incredible. The fact that an AUTHOR would be so happy about my review was just...mental. 

3. Rachel at Fiktshun listing me as one of her favourite bloggers during Armchair  BEA 2011. 
At the time I'd only been blogging for 3 months so the fact that a blogger, and one as awesome as Rachel, had picked me out to be highlighted I was SO happy about that comment (and I hope it's still true Rachel!)

4. Reaching 500 followers.
Again, a truly awesome milestone and one never expected to reach!! 

5. Getting my publishing internship
Not strictly blog-related but I really don't think this would've happened without my blog. For one, I wouldn't have had the confidence to attempt to gain a career in publishing without my blog (it's notoriously difficult, especially for someone so far out of London) and two I think my blog really made me stand out in the application process. This was one of the best things I've ever done and I hope one day I WILL get my publishing job!

6. Meeting Ruth Warburton
This happened at my internship but there's no doubt that we probably wouldn't have even been introduced without my blog existing, let alone got on as well as we did. Ruth is such an inspiring person and she writes amazingly! She let me read a ridiculously early copy of A Witch in Winter and I'm just so glad I got to meet her. 

7. Getting quoted on the back cover of A Witch in Winter
Point 6 leads nicely into point 7...being quoted on A Witch in Winter.  This was such an amazing feeling, I'm pretty sure I went round showing everybody. 

8. Meeting Cassie Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan
I met them both at a Cassie Clare event in London. It's the first author event  I've ever been to...and what a one to be my first! They were both so funny and answered loads of questions! I got all my books signed by Cassie Clare but I hadn't known SRB was gonna be there so I didn't take my copies of her books! Hopefully she will do a tour here for Unspoken ;)

9. Getting an advance copy of The Clockwork Prince
Seriously, this is a mega highlight. I got it a month before it came out and I was so frickin excited. I actually screamed. I had to go to work but I took it with me and everything ;) It was my most-anticipated 2011 read so getting to read it early was immense. 

10. The Top Ten of 2011 event. 
I really loved taking part in this event which was hosted by a whole group of amazing bloggers. I loved doing my rundown lists and  reading other people's. It was a really fun event and I enjoyed it!

So there we have it, my list of 10 blogging highlights. I'm sure there's more but...I could be here all day then. I hope my second blogging year brings as many highlights as the first!

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  1. Wow these are some awesome achievements! Happy Blogoversary hun :)

  2. Awwww, happy happy HAPPY blogoversary, Cait!! <3 One year is such an amazing accomplishment! :) That's so awesome that Amy Plum tweeted you about your review -- don't you just love it when authors take the time to respond to their fans? INSTANT LOVE! <3 And you're so lucky that you got to meet Cassie Clare! She's one of my favourite authors too and I'm really glad you had fun!

    It sounds like you had an amazing year, Cait! Here's to all the more amazing moments to come! :) <3

  3. You've had a much more eventful first year of blogging then I have. Way to go!!!

  4. WTG/ 2nd yeal will be more splendid

  5. 100 followers is definitely big for everyone! I was shocked people actually wanted to read what I was writing :P. And meeting authors is awesome too - though I will never forget that day when I embarrassed myself spectacularly in front of Cassie and Sarah! :P Happy blogoversary again :).

  6. You've definitely had a great year! And done so much more than me...Well done for getting quoted on Witch in Winter, and meeting so many authors. Hope our next year's just as amazing, if not more!

  7. Aww, the comment Amy Plum tweeted you was SO sweet! <33 That would have been such an amazing feeling when you read it :)

    I LOVE that blogging helped you get a leg up in the publishing industry. I have no doubt you're going to high places there! And dude... the domino effect. Reading --> Blogging --> Publishing intern --> MEETING AMAZING AUTHORS --> GETTING QUOTED ON A AMAZING BOOK.... I want your life.

  8. you have had so many awesome achievements this year Cait! :D heres to another few brilliant ones!

  9. Happy belated blogoversary :) I celebrated my 1st year this time last month, and I have found it really positive, and an excuse/chance to write, which I don't do nearly enough. You have achieved so much more than me! I feel like asking in depth about the publishing internship... how exciting! That would be a dream come true for me. Also advance copies of books and such, wow wee. I don't focus on book reviews but I do include them. Maybe I need to be more specific in my blog aim!

    I'm currently studying in final year for a degree in English but a minor in Philosophy. It kills me a little bit, so well done :)

    Sorry for mega big comment! I think we have lots in common just x

  10. Love that comment that Amy Plum left :D

    You've done loads this year :D


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