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Review: Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent by Veronica Roth
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
Released: 1st May 2012
Source: Publisher for review
Rating: 5/5 

 Goodreads description:

War looms in sixteen-year-old Tris’s dark dystopian world as disputes between the factions grow. Tris must now fight against all odds to discover the truth that can save her and the people she loves. Sides must be chosen, secrets will emerge – and the choices she makes will have devastating and unexpected consequences.

My thoughts:

Insurgent was my most anticipated book of the year, and it did not disappoint. Whilst slower than Divergent, the pacing was consistent with plenty of action to keep it interesting. I enjoyed the quieter moments, as we got to see more of Tris and Four and see how their relationship was developing.

We catch up with them at the Amity compound; where they've fled following the events of Divergent. Tris is understandably shaken after the deaths of her parents and her killing Will, not to mention the awful fates that have befallen most of her current and old factions. It was good to see a bit more humanity in Tris; in Divergent she was quite strong and resilient-whilst still displaying emotion-but I think the fact that she was affected by what happened speaks a lot for her character. She struggles with the prospect of holding a gun again for example,which is understandable. We learn a lot about the Amity whilst at their compound, and I have to say, I didn't like what I saw. They're definitely my least favourite of the factions, I find them really...deceptive.

We move onto Candor, which was really interesting. I really felt for Tris but especially Four during this part of the book. People started to see him less as the indestructible, unflappable Four, and more like Tobias, and they weren't always pleased by this. I gotta say, Four (I'm sorry, I can't call him Tobias...) must have some Erudite aptitude in him, cause that boy was SNEAKY. Seriously, I was in awe of how much of a strategist he is. Makes him totally more awesome and desirable. Seriously now, Four is so hot. Strong and determined but at times fragile. He's caring, not in an overly-sympathetic way but in a way that he knows what people can take, and what they can't.  

Tris makes a pretty stuuuuuupid decision at one point, and I was practically shouting "NOOOOOO" at her, but, I was on the tube, so I didn't. I totally get WHY she did it, I do, but....she shouldn't! It did lead to lots more drama, lots of interesting revelations and some really heartfelt moments though, so I'll forgive her. 

This is a world at war, there are losses and sacrifices. The actions of some people will surprise you, the actions of others will shock and outrage you, but regardless you will be completely and utterly hooked. Roth maintains her simplistic writing style that is so utterly evocative and really works with the story. It's almost impossible to really put across the complexities of this book. The amount of character development, the depth of the interactions, it's really mindblowing. All these people felt so real to me, even the ones you only see glimpses of. You'd think that their factions would make them all the same, but it really doesn't.

The ending...at first, it did disappoint me. I predicted it really early based off a throwaway comment from one character and spent the rest of the book thinking "surely that wont be it" so when it WAS it....yeah, I was a little disappointed. I felt it was a bit cliche...but I sat and I thought about it and I decided it probably couldn't have ended any other way so now I am INSANELY EXCITED  for book three!! Which I think should be called 'Resurgent'. Yeaaaah.


  1. You predicted the ending?! DUDE, you are like, magic or something! I totally didn't see it coming, LOL. BOOK THREE HERE I COMEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  2. Amazing review!!! I NEED this now! I'm intrigued as to why you didn't like Amity...I can't wait to read it so I can find out more!

  3. oh wow I love your review! I haven't heard much of what is IN the book, so thanks for giving us insight into it. really can't wait to read this one, but alas, need to find some money for it first.

  4. I saw the ending coming from a mile off too but I still enjoyed it! And I too was screaming at Tris at one point *shakes head*. As for Four being sneaky, the boy is SMART and he's a divergent ;) I can't wait for the next book either!!!!

  5. Can't wait to get it !!! Thanks for the awesome review :D

  6. Amity are deceptive. Definitely not the happy, peaceful place they claim to be (or at least not to me. Still prefer them to Candor though :P)! And agree that Four must have Erudite aptitude - he MUST. I mean, if Tris does, he definitely does too. Brilliant review! :)

  7. What a fantastic review! I am reading Insurgent right now and I am really hooked so far. I'm only about 20% in, but I have a feeling I will be up into the wee hours of the morning reading.

  8. I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait! Although I'm very curious and nervous about the ending. Everyone has been mentioning it!

  9. Great review! Can't wait to get my copy and see what this ending is all about.

  10. True, I did see the ending coming because of the comment made by some characters (I don't actually remember which one...) Still, I'm so excited to see where Veronica Roth will take the story to in the third book!

  11. Great review!! I'm so excited to read this. Four sounds absolutely amazing and I'm sure he'll impress us all with his sneaky plans ;) So intrigued about the plot!

    Lisa | Read Me Bookmark Me Love Me

  12. Hey!! No hating on Amity! (TEAMAMITYUK) ;) haha! I can't believe you guessed the end I didn't see it coming at all! Great review hun :)

  13. Oh god. Just you talking about Four being a sneaky, sexy, strategist is making me ALL KINDS OF LUSTY. Why is that boy so amazing? Why can't I have one...? :(

    I cannot nod my head more (or it will fall off my bloody head) to what you wrote about how REAL her characters are. I don't know how she does it, but damn, Roth! It's subtle... flawless... deep. I'd be happy if I had just an ounce of that woman's talent.

    INCREDIBLE review, Cait! ACCIO BOOK 3! *waves wand frantically*


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