Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Guest Vlog: Why PNR fans should read more Contemporary YA

 Hello everyone! So, continuing the theme from yesterday, where Faye talked about the fact we don't we read enough Contemporary fiction, and possible reasons for that. So today, Asher, one of my favourite bloggers who blogs over at Paranormal Indulgence has put together a vlog for us. Now Asher is a HUUUUUGE paranormal romance fan, which is why I asked her to cover this particular topic. She's gonna be talking about WHY fans of PNR should read more Contemporary, and also give you some awesome recommendations that she herself has loved.

Thanks SO much for this Asher!!! I really need to read The Sky is Everywhere (it's sat there looking at me) and Twenty Boy Summer sounds so awesome! And of course, I adore Anna and the French Kiss. 

And to echo Asher's question, what do you guys think about Contemporary VS Paranormal fiction? 

I'd just like to say a huge thank you to Asher for first agreeing to do this and then producing such a fantastic vlog for us, I really hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did =]

Today, Liz has an awesome guest post featuring contemps that people overlook,  so check out her blog for that!


  1. Lol, amazing vlog! I wish I were a Kung Fu master, but sadly...no. Definitely agree with you - I love Rose, but I am not like her at all. I am a bit like Anna (still waiting for Etienne to show up :P). So many great books mentioned! I loved The Catastrophic History of You and Me, so, so good. And Anna and the French Kiss is my all time fave contemp! Thanks so much for this :).

  2. This was such a great vlog topic! Personally, I love both genres, and I frequently switch back and forth between the two (as well as others).

    LOL! I totally cracked up at the "love interests that are ACTUALLY realistic." With the giant surge in YA paranormal romance, I feel sorry for teenage boys now. They're going to have a rough time beating their bookish counterparts! Haha. :)

  3. Asher! FANTASTIC vlog! I admit, I was totally thinking "What? I can TOTALLY relate to Rose with her sarcasm and her badassary and her fierceness..." and then Asher continued and Brodie stepped into a little world called reality and realised that in REAL LIFE (the place that exists outside her mind) she's nothing like Rose. She can barely throw a punch. This made Brodie sad, but also gave her understanding. Anna, on the other hand? HELL YEAH. We'd be awesome friends. Or, well, she'd be my BFF, I can only hope I'd be hers :P

    And her talk on REALISTIC love interests is <3 Sooo agree with everything she said and as much as I love my paranormal romance, these are EXACTLY the reasons why contemporary romance often makes my favourite shelf when I read it.

    Anna, Lola, Catastrophic History, Where She Went (I cried too!) = LOVE. I so need to check out The Sky is Everywhere and Twenty Boy Summer too.


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