Sunday, 22 July 2012

Road Trip Week: My Ideal Road Trip

I would LOVE to go on a road trip. Sadly, you can't really road trip in the UK, because you can probably drive from one end of it to the other in a day if you really wanted to (Internet views range from about 15-22 hours...) PLUS I cannot drive. And am scared of cars.

HOWEVER. We readers don't like to live in reality very much, do we? So here is my ideal road trip...

1. Car: Something roomy, a 4x4 would make me feel much safer. Enough room in the back to kip if needs be.

2. Road trip mates: I think 3 people is a good number, 2 is sometimes a bit intimate and intense. I like the idea of a good friend and a relative stranger (though not a person you picked up off the street at random) kinda like the dynamic in Saving June. Also, as I'm single, a fit boy. Obvs. And they would have to be able to do the driving, because I do not do that.

3. Location: This depends. I love the idea of traveling down the East Coast of America, but at the same time I think a tour of Europe would be pretty freaking amazing. And there'd be lots of different stuff to see. I think I'd want to start in Paris and end in Greece, and drive through all of Eastern Europe which I think is much more interesting and bizarre than Western Europe.

4.Stops: I'd like to do a mix of things. Some cultural stops for stuff like the Louvre, Pere Lachaise, the Acropolis, but I'd also like to stop for insane things like the Paprika museum in Budapest (I didn't make that up), to go on some swings, to crash a party, for an unscheduled swim etc. 

5.Music: Diverse! I'm not the biggest music fan, but when I do listen to it I like it to be diverse. Lots of anthems that EVERYONE knows and you can shout along to, plus music that the other people on your trip like and can get you into. Bohemian Rhapsody is a must for ANY car journey. I also really like audio books in the car.

6.Snacks: Possibly THE most important part of any road trip? There would be lots of McDonald's in my road trip, as that is like, my favourite thing to eat. Plus big, sharing bags of crisps (especially paprika crisps, which exist a lot in Europe but not much in the UK). Drinks wise, I should probably just drink water as I am a self-confessed fizzy-drinks addict, but I will go with iced tea, in any flavour.

And there we have it! My dream road trip, pretty much. If you were going to plan one, how would it be?


  1. I just wrote an extremely long comment and it got deleted -_-. Anyway, paprika! I love paprika crisps. Paprika pringles? Heavenly. And yes to someone else driving! I don't like the idea of doing it :P. A good-looking boy would of course be welcome, and I'd also love to visit Disneyland/World because's Disney. And the Wizarding World of Harry Potter too! Along with the Louvre and other touristy spots :P. But I'd also like to see some nice views and a sunset and sunrise! And a place where the starts are really clear. Great post! I want to go on a road trip now :P.

  2. EEEEE Cait, you make me want to go on a road trip SO BADLY now! XP

    1. Car
    YES YES YES! It needs to be comfy for a road trip because we tend to spend most of the time in car!

    2. Road Trip Mates
    YES! 3 is perfect. Like you said, 2 is a bit too intimate and intense but 3 is definitely great! Haha, and one of them should definitely be a boy to drive the car :P

    3. Location
    TOUR OF EUROPE! SQUEEEEE, I want to go to Europe SO BADLY. I want to go to England, France, Italy, and pretty much every other country in Europe :P

    4. Stops
    OH YES YES YES! i definitely would love stop by different places to do different things! AND LOUVRE! I want to see Mona Lisa painting! XP

    5. Music
    DEFINITELY! Making a playlist and playing it while on a road trip sounds AMAZING.

    6. Snacks
    A MUST! I love to eat snacks during road trips and chips are definitely on my list of must-have snacks! ;)

    Awesome post, Cait! ♥

  3. LOVING this post. Ahaha, McDonald's. YES. And ahhhh, a European road trip would be mad awesome!

    Molli | Once Upon a Prologue

  4. This sounds like my ideal roadtrip too! Mmmm paprika crisps :P

  5. I love that the world is full of endless road trip options...I hate that I've never been on one!

    Hmmm, paprika flavored chips? I have not tried these yet.

  6. I love this idea! Now I want to make my own list. At the beginning of the year I roadtripped from Sydney (in the middle of the East Coast of Australia) to Cairns (right up the top of Australia) with my Mum. 2600km, 3 days of solid driving. We didn't really stop off at many places because we were on a fairly tight schedule before semester started back for university (for me) and work (for her), but it was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed that time with her. Europe would be fantastic - and you'd have the most amazing photos afterwards.


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