Friday, 1 February 2013

Five Friday Favourites [1]

Five Friday Favourites is a new feature I'm introducing here at The Cait Files, the idea being that once a month another blogger will share their Five Favourites of a particular bookish category. Be it favourite books ever, favourite characters, favourite contemporary novels, whatever you fancy!

First up we have my blogging twin, Liz from Planet Print, sharing her top five favourite books series ever:

Harry Potter series - I think the Harry Potter series has got to be my favourite series of all time, and I'm pretty sure it always will be. I grew up reading Harry Potter and I think it probably helped shape the person I am today. Like Harry always felt at home at Hogwarts, I always feel at home when I'm reading those books, no matter where I am. And honestly, who hasn't dreamt of going to Hogwarts or having magic? Some of my most treasured items are my replica wand and Deathly Hallows bracelet :P. Harry has been a big part of my life, and I will never forget his stories.

Percy Jackson series - I was a bit older when I started the Percy Jackson series, and was a bit sceptical about it at first. About thirty pages into the first book, however, I was hooked. Percy is probably one of the most likeable characters of all time. I adored him and it was great to watch him grow up a little more in each book. He never really asked to be a hero, but he took it all in his stride and always tried his best for everyone and tried to take care of his friends. Plus, he had some really cool demigod powers - I guess being the son of Poseidon does have its perks!

The Demon's Lexicon - Two words: Nick Ryves. My number one favourite fictional boy. So far, no-one has surpassed him. You may think I'm a bit odd for liking such a character so much, and true, on the scale of morality he's probably at "morally ambiguous", but you know, he's just misunderstood! And he loves his brother, Alan, so much, so clearly he can't be all bad. As well as Nick, though, this book contains awesome suspense, the magical Goblin Market, and Mae and Jamie, who are both amazing characters.

Infernal Devices - I do not usually like love triangles. They can be done well occasionally, but usually they just give me a headache. However, this series is a perfect example of a love triangle done right. Actually, I think it's the best love triangle I've ever seen! I adore both Will and Jem (though I am Team Will, however impossible that may be) and I actually feel so bad for all of them. Their lives are messed up enough without romance troubles, but now everything is worse. Poor Tessa. How is she supposed to do anything about her situation? Love this series so much, and I am dying to read Clockwork Princess!

Divergent - It was a toss up between The Hunger Games and Divergent here. I do love THG equally to Divergent, but Mockingjay was my least favourite book of THG series and has sort of affected my views of the first and second books now. So I chose Divergent. I sort of like how Tris is a bit of a cold character and doesn't really know how to interact with others. It made her seem more believable to me, because she wasn't perfect and she struggled to be what everyone expected her to be. I also love her relationship with Four - it's not all rainbows and roses, but you can tell they do really love each other. Overall, it's just a great dystopian with a fantastic world and an interesting set of characters.

See, this is why we are bookish twins! While my list of favourite evers wouldn't look exactly like this, I love alllll these books and series so much!! 

Do any of these make your list of favourite books/series ever? 

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  1. Same about Percy Jackson and being older and loving it still. And what you wrote about Tris... and Harry Potter. And the Infernal Devices.

    Basically, everything except the Demon's Lexicon, which I still have to read though I own a copy of the book. Nice list :)

  2. We really are blogging twins! Hehe. Thanks for featuring me, it was lots of fun! I realise I sort of disregarded the whole five favourite "books" aspect by choosing my favourite series instead...sorry about that, I'm too indecisive :P.

  3. I like. And I am in total agreement for the Infernal Devices. There MUST be a happy ending in Clockwork Princess but I do not see how this can BE. *wipes tear from eye*
    And Percy is such a great protagonist. Love him and Annabeth. :-)


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