Thursday, 7 July 2011

Review Appreciation Day Blog Hop [4]

Welcome to the 4th Review Appreciation Day blog hop! The idea of this weekly event is to incorporate all the fun and social interaction of a bloghop, whilst also getting some love for our reviews!

The theme for this week is MAGIC though this theme *is* optional, so if you don't have a magic-themed review lined up, never fear! You can still take part. 
Here are the rules:

-Only one link per person please!
-Your link will go directly to a review, either a new one or an old one of your choosing (or one that fit the weekly theme)
-The title of your link should be the name of your blog, not the name of the book you review
-Visit as many blogs and read as many reviews as you can!

Guys, please can I request that you somehow LINK your reviews back to this page when you've signed up? I know most of you have already had your reviews written and posted when you link up, and that it's a total pain, but people aren't going to know to get involved if this doesn't happen. Please either put the picture at the top of this post at the beginning/end of your review with a link back here, or a little note stating "this review is part of the Review Appreciation Day blog hop hosted over at The Cait Files" with a link back. It'll take you 2 seconds to add it, and I'd really appreciate it. 

Now take a look at the upcoming themes....
14/7-HARRY POTTER. As the last *sob* HP film comes out the next day, I thought it'd be pretty cool if we all did HP related stuff this day. That could be a review of your favourite book or movie, a character profile for one of your fave characters, a list of likes and dislikes...whatever you fancy!

21/7-MYTHOLOGY. Mythology is hot stuff in YA right now, so I thought we could all include a review based around this theme

28/7-FAMILY. I don't think family comes to play in books very often (unless you count the fact most MC's seem to come from a broken one) so I thought it'd be cool to share reviews in which family plays an important role!

My review for this week is of The Calling, book seven in the Sweep/Wicca series by Cate Tiernan, and you can check it out below

Link up your reviews now...I can't wait to check them all out =]


  1. I'm excited to play along this week!

  2. I found an older review that had some magic in it to keep with the theme.

  3. I actually had a hard time finding just one review with magic to post. I figured I would go with a book that I haven't seen mentioned on other blogs. =) I really like the book I chose too!

  4. This is SUCH a great idea! Thanks for letting me link up!


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