Sunday, 1 September 2013

August wrap up post

The end of August! To be honest, I am quite excited for it to be September. As much as I love warm weather, I also love cold, crisp weather, darker evenings, stew, hot drinks, knitwear...all the stuff that comes with Autumn and Winter. I am aware that I haven't done my personal monthly update post...I will get it out! Last week was very busy and I just did not have time!

In August I read:

Cruel Summer by James Dawson
Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews
Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews (reread)
Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews (reread)
Magic Strikes by Ilona Andrews (reread)
Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews (reread)
Untold by Sarah Rees Brennan
Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews (reread)
Night Witches by LJ Adlington
Are We There Yet? by David Levithan (reread)
Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan (reread)

Books acquired in August:
For some reason, my pictures are importing sideways, SIGH, so a list only it is:

(Waterstones purchase #1: Been wanting this for ages)
(Waterstones purchase #2: Heard many good things and love the cover of this edition)
(Bought for £1 on my local market!)
(I already own a copy but this is a faded, dust jacket-less, totally beaten up first edition copy. I love it)
(The last 3 were in the 3 for £5 promotion in The Works and I just could not's not so bad because I have read 2 of them)
(on Kindle, couldn't wait to read it and US paperback was taking forever to dispatch)
(99p on Kindle! Heard many a good thing)

(My mum sent me this! It is a beautiful hardback with an intriguing synopsis and I had actually been eyeing it up earlier in the week! Mum psychic powers at work there)
(My lovely friend Alice who works at S&S gave me this, it has since been read and passed on as I plan to buy my own copy&support my fave author)

Favourite book of August:

Well, I'm gonna go for a three-way tie between Cruel Summer, Untold and Magic Rises. Totally cheating but I can't choose between them! SRB is my fave author, but the Kate Daniels series is my fave adult urban fantasy series and Cruel Summer was such a pleasant, 3 favourites. 

Thoughts on the month:

I managed to read 11 books which I'm pleased with. but most of them were rereads. I've decided not to be too hard on myself about this as I am really far ahead in my reading goal for the year. You'll notice there were no new library books this month and that I didn't read my library books from last month: total fail. I have renewed them though and hope to read them this month! I did borrow The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater as an audiobook from my library which was amazing! The narrators were perfect and I loved re-experiencing the story. I've made a decision to stop buying non-Kindle books from Amazon and to use bookshops instead. I started off well, buying my first 2 books of the month from Waterstones, then totally failed the rest of the month by buying second hand and being seduced by The Works' bargains. Will try harder in September. I also bought more books than I intended to and am limiting myself in September to books bought at/for events and to any absolute must-buys. 

How did you do this month?


  1. No- I love the hot sunny weather!
    Looks like a busy month for you- but on the plus side you got Grave Mercy, Poison Study and Etiquette and Espionage, which are all amazing books.
    Here's My August Wrap-up Post with my favourite book of the month.
    Hope you have a good September :D

  2. I wish I could re-read stuff but my TBR pile looms above me and I need to start reading more from it instead of buying other books.

    Best wishes for September, Cait!

  3. Wow. You had quite a busy month, Cait. I hope your September will be just as fruitful.

  4. Nice, looks like you've had a great month on the reading front. My summer laze has kicked in and I've read three books... (I'm ashamed). I also see that you got Grave Mercy! I hope you enjoy it as it's one of my all time favourites :)
    Happy reading.

    -Mari @ The Sirenic Codex

  5. It's so nice to re-read books sometimes isn't it! I love taking the pressure off myself by knowing I won't have to write a review but I wish I was able to do it more often.

    I've been devouring the Kate Daniels series recently & absolutely love them!! Have you read the On the Edge series? I think I'm going to try that & hope it gives me my Ilona Andrews fix until the next KD book is released :-)

    I really enjoyed both Magic Graves & Pantomime so I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts on them!

  6. I was wondering what you thought of Untold, Cait! I really want a copy of Unspoken (since I don't own it) AND Untold of course.

  7. Poison Study! :-D I love Maria V Synder. I hope you enjoy it. It's one of my favourite fantasy series. Valek <3 I'm psyching myself up for her next book Taste of Darkness (Avry of Kazan #3) though I have to wait till December *sigh*

    I LOVED Untold by the way. Seriously SRB kills me! KILLS! I hope it's not too long till the next one. I need more surly Jared and the general hilarity.

  8. "As much as I love warm weather, I also love cold, crisp weather, darker evenings, stew, hot drinks, knitwear." <-- Ha, lucky it gets cold enough for you to do just that. Still pretty hot where I live when autumn and winter roll around. But now you've got me in the mood for hot chocolate.

    Kate Daniels!! Merrr, so looking forward to getting into the series. The pb arrived and I was like, damn, Christina. You should've chosen KD over Strange Angels; you have a physical copy right here! Woot, woot, I hope that you like Grave Mercy :).

    As for Untold, I was considering canceling my pre-order even after your reassurances o.O because I'd read a few not-so-happy reviews, but I kept it in the end. Looking forward to reading it and would love to see a review from you :).

    Ahhh, I listened to a sampler for The Scorpio Races and couldn't get on board with the narrators. But if you are going to go with an MS audiobook, OMG CAIT I SO RECOMMEND THE RAVEN BOYS AUDIOBOOK. So much love for that <3.

    Amazon bargains are hard to resist! 11 books is also more than I read last month :O so you are not a total fail!

  9. You did well! And I bought Pantomime too, sounded really good, along with Days of Blood and Starlight. Yay for The Works! Hope you enjoy Etiquette and Espionage. I really liked Grave Mercy too though I have yet to read the sequel.

  10. Yes! I love Autumn time and can't wait for hot chocolate and reading by the fire! You got lots read in August - I loved Untold and Cruel Summer this month too! I hope you have another great reading month in September :)

  11. Fingers crossed we'll both stick to buying from bookshops!


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