Monday 3 November 2014

Top Ten TV Shows to: distract Caitlin from blogging

I really love TV. Not as much as books, but a lot more than films. I can happily sit and binge-watch for hours (days) on end and not get bored. I've been struggling with blogging for a while, and I think at least a part is down to the fact that I have been watching A LOT of TV lately. I wanted to tell you about some of the shows I've discovered this year, that are pretty awesome:

Veronica Mars
So, I knew practically nothing about VM until not very long ago. I missed it on TV in the UK and I was baffled by the Kickstarter.When I eventually sat down to watch it, well...where has this show been all my life? Veronica is a great model for teenage girls: she's determined, full of initiative and very smart.And Logan is just well...he's Logan. 

Arrow/The Flash
Arrow is a recent discovery for me. I always knew the title, but never what it was about which is weird cause...superheroes are right up my street. I'm now completely addicted and enjoying watching S3 'live' with The Flash, Olicity forevs. 

Orange is the New Black
This was that show that people raved about, but I didn't watch it until just before the second season started. What a magnificent show it is. It's a Netflix original and it's so very human and so awkward and funny and real and I just adore it. The ensemble cast is perfect (Poussey, Morello and Red are my faves) and it is wonderfully acted.

RuPaul's Drag Race
I had seen many, many Twitter people talking about this show but I always thought it was about car racing (LOL) until I looked it up on a whim, and realised was not about car racing. This is a fun, funny, rather tongue-in-cheek reality show reminiscent of ANTM...but with drag queens. It's epic.

House of Cards
Another Netflix original. I've only seen the first season so far but can already tell it's a favourite. Kevin Spacey is so majestic and controlled and yet so, so sinister. I love how back-stabby and complicated this is, and how it's slowly getting more and more involved. It's fantastic.

My boyfriend and I watched Firefly (and Serenity) over a long weekend whilst I was struck down with that awful affliction we call The Cold. It was after much, much badgering from several of my colleagues and I have to say they were right to pester. This show is part western, part sci-fi and it is fabulous. It's funny and full of adventure and great characters. I swore I wouldn't find Nathan Fillion attractive and...I failed. It's the trousers. 

Battlestar Galactica
My boyfriend and I started watching this on a whim one night and became totally hooked. It's ten years old but it's aged SO well. I'm NGL, it's a pretty grim show. And so tense. There were times I wanted to stop watching because of how tense it was, But I loved how caught up in it we both got, and how we talked about it for ages and speculated and paused it to react to what had just happened! Fun Fact: I saw the actors who play Bill and Lee Adama at LFCC back in July (Jamie Bamber is SO PRETTY)

Hemlock Grove
This is the third Netflix Original show I watched this year. It is FREAKING WEIRD (Season 2 finale, anyone?) and also super graphic in parts, but it's strangely alluring and also features the very attractive Bill Skarsgaard (the younger brother of Alexander Skarsgaard whom I am now in love with)   

Dance Academy/Make It or Break It
I'm putting these together because they are very similar (one about Aussie dance students, one about US gymnasts). They're total guilty pleasure shows, I will never tell you they're the best TV ever made but they're so very YA and extremely addictive. 

White Collar
White Collar is my newest discovery, the show I turned to when I felt like I'd watched every show on Netflix ever. I was initially VERY sceptical about this one but I stand totally corrected. It is very watchable, charming and funny. I rather love Matt Bomer and his roguish character, and the cute little bromance he has with his FBI handler Peter Burke!

And there we have it! Believe it or not, I have watched all of these shows this year (suddenly my lack of blogging is less of a mystery eh?) 

Have you seen any of these? Any of them on your list? What other shows do you recommend for a girl who feels like she's watched everything?


  1. I really want to watch The Flash, Arrow and Veronica Mars - I'm so out of the loop! OITNB is by far the best show I've watched this year, though.

    1. You will LOVE VM! The boxset will make a great Christmas pressie ;)

  2. I've only seen Vernonica Mars and The Flash from this list, but I love both. VM was a surprise for me, never expected to like it so much. And I love The Flash! So fun. I watched an episode of Arrow once I think, but I didn't like it much, it was too serious for me. But maybe the later seasons are better? Heard a lot of good things about White Collar too, though it hasn't really appealed to me before. Might give it a go now though!

    1. Arrow IS quite serious but I like it! Defs give White Collar a go, it is very charming

  3. Love this post! I really want to watch VM and need to try Arrow again - I gave up about six episodes in but have heard lots of people say it gets much better, and Flash sounds cool. I loved the original House of Cards and need to try the remake at some point, and I've had Firefly on DVD for a few years but somehow never got round to it - I should sort that out.

    And yay for a couple of my favourites, White Collar and the wondrousness that is Dance Academy!!

    1. Watch VM! The boxset is not tha expensive and it's reasonable on iTunes too. And yes to Firefly, it's not even that long!

  4. I love all of these (apart from house of cards, BSG and Hemlock Grove which I obvs need to watch) but HOW HAVE YOU NOT WATCHED FIREFLY UNTIL NOW. And yes, it is absolutely the trousers.

    This reminds me I reallllly need to catch up with The Flash. Barry Allen is an adorable puppy and I love him.

    1. Because I am terrible? You should watch Hemlock Grove! It's completely mental. Just watched ep 2 of The Flash. Cute.

  5. Totally agree with Arrow and The Flash - am loving Oliver's awkwardness with Felicity! And I always break out my boxset of Firefly if I'm feeling crappy - my fiance actually got me into that show :) I would recommend Castle, because Nathan Fillion. End of.


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