Friday, 25 March 2011

Follow Friday IV

Apologies again for being so behind! I've been out campaigning for my friend who was running for president of our student union. The great news is she got elected Vice President!! So Yay! I'm very pleased, some great news to begin the weekend with. The bad news is I now have no excuse to not do my essays *sigh*

Follow Friday is, as usual, hosted by Rachel at her blog she's picked a great question this week which is:

5 Silly book related facts about yourself 

1. When I was a child, I used to sleep with my books under my pillow. Not just one book, like 10. 
2. I got HP7 at midnight, and then stayed up to read it. I'd finished it by 8am, and then went to sleep :P
3. I like to stack my books on things. The floor, stairs, tables, chairs etc. But not on shelves. I dunno why. Maybe I think it looks kitsch?
4. I have to listen to an audiobook to sleep at night. I find it too difficult otherwise (I find it difficult anyway) usually I listen to HP or the Percy Jackson series

5. I'm proud of the fact I read the Sookie Stackhouse and Vampire Diaries books long before they became TV shows. Which is a really pointless thing to be proud of

Make sure you leave your links for me, I'm really excited to read people's facts this week!!

On my blog this week: 

*WIN* a copy of The Goddess Test by the fabulous Aimee Carter
Review of Die For Me by the equally fabulous Amy Plum

Again, apologies for the lack of posts this week! I will try and get a couple of good reviews up, and resume all my memes soon =] Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. I got my HP7 book at midnight too. I stayed up for a few hours, but I ended up falling asleep. I really tried to stay up, though, lo.

  2. The excitement probably made you sleepy ;) I think all the sugar I consumed kept me up. My bf fell asleep though-he was a bit rubbish haha.

  3. Omg I thought I was the only one proud/excited of having read The Vampire Diaries books before the tv show. I read them back when they first came out years and years ago.

  4. Hey I'm right there with you! Read both series before the TV shows! My original Vampire Diaries are the trippy 90s covers! Love them to death!!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Jessica@a GREAT read

  5. My daughter is obsessed with the Percy Jackson audio books also. They're read very well.

  6. Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to your posts and I entered your Goddess Test contest, I am so excited for that one!


  7. Hopping through. I stack books on the kitchen table. It really bugs my husband.
    My Hop

  8. That's adorable! Sleeping on top of books x) I'd be too afraid of damaging them haha.

    Thanks for following. Following back! ;) In reply to your comment, I rarely buy things from Amazon. I think their prices for books are around the same for TBD (?) but don't even get me started on shipping. So expensive! TBD is for free so it's all good ;)
    And i'm the same - bookstores are for absolute emergencies. I don't have much time these days so I can usually wait the couple days for shipping!

  9. @ Jess and Amanda, yay for us!! do you prefer the books or the show?
    also Jess, my versions are the early 2000s, the one with the blonde gothy girl on the front? I think they were the first UK versions-I love them too haha

    @sara-yeah they are great audiobooks!!

    @lisa, I'm surprised I didn't have neck problems! They were all kids books so pretty sturdy ;) I definitely wouldn't do it nowadays!

    Thanks for all your comments and follows guys =]

  10. New Follower! Thanks for following me! I really like your blog!

    That is so cute that you used to sleep with books under your pillow! That sounds like something I would have done, but I never did!


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