Monday, 7 March 2011

Review: My Soul to Save

My Soul to Save (Soul Screamers book 2) by Rachel Vincent
UK publisher: MIRA Books
UK publishing date: 18 Feb 2011
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When Kaylee Cavanaugh screams, someone dies. So when teen pop sensation Eden croaks onstage and Kaylee doesn't wail, she knows something is dead wrong. Kaylee can't cry for someone who has no soul.

Soon Kaylee finds that Eden's not the only starry-eyed girl who traded her life for a flickering moment of fame-a deal that has dark consequences no mortal could understand.

Banshee Kaylee swears to help lost souls. But school football star Nash-Kaylee's newly acquired, not to mention super-hot boyfriend-refuses to let her in harm's way. Still Kaylee knows it's her duty to save the innocent from the Netherworld-even if it means putting her own soul-and love life-at risk...

My thoughts:

This is the second book in the soul screamers series by Rachel Vincent, you can see my review of book one here . This book follows on not too far from where the first one left off and it gives more insight into the Netherworld and into Kaylee's powers. You really feel as though you're learning as Kaylee is learning, you don't know things because *she* doesn't know them-not because the author's purposefully keeping them back for a more dramatic finish which I think always makes the story more realistic, and helps you bond with the character, as it's almost as though you're on a journey of discovery with them.

It was interesting to learn more about Bean Sidhe powers, and I really enjoyed the plot of teen girls dying whilst they aren't in possession of their souls-I love a good mystery to be solved in a book, it's like reading a murder mystery but with vampires and faeries etc. I enjoyed the storyline with Addison and her younger sister, I think this was done very well.

I felt Todd really came into his own in this book, it was great to learn more about him and see him develop, I think he's fast becoming my favourite character. It was also great to see Kaylee's relationship with her dad being rebuilt, Rachel Vincent portrayed this very well. I'm glad she didn't totally abandon Kaylee's uncle and cousin, it was good to see how they're getting on.

I'm still not 100% convinced about Nash. I can't pinpoint exactly why. It might be something as small and selfish as I just don't find him attractive, which is something that always helps me take to the male characters. Still, I enjoy the way his and Kaylee's relationship is developing, I liked how Kaylee is insecure about the fact he's popular and attractive, and her worries about whether he only likes her because she's a novelty right now.  I thin Rachel Vincent handled very typical, teenage worries well without making them too over dramatic or angst ridden.

Overall, I give this book 4/5 and I cannot wait for the 3rd in the series to be released!


  1. I wanna read this series just because of the name... Soul Screamers. LoL. Glad to hear you liked this book!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and following!!

  2. Great review! The third one begins to get a little darker! And the fourth one is just as good if not better! A lot of things change for Kaylee in the coming books! Can't wait to see what you think about them!

  3. Oooh I'm looking forward to reading them jessica, thanks for the teasers =]


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