Friday, 8 April 2011

Follow Friday

Happy Friday! Sorry I'm posting this a bit later that usual. It's a beautiful day here and it promises to be an equally beautiful weekend which is great! I hope it's lovely and sunny where you all are!

FF is hosted by  and this week's question is:

"Do you judge a book by it's cover?"

Hmmmm. I never used too really. I appreciated nice covers; but I'd never not read a book based purely on the cover. However; I never read the MI series because I thought the covers looked really childish (this was at the point where I was a bit self conscious about reading YA at 17/18) and then when I read them recently I really really loved them! But usually I don't think I do no. However: I do buy most of my books online and I think that's possibly the reason why! I tend to be more focussed on the recommendations and synopsis online. 

Leave me links to your answers!!!

Also: I have a bit of a question for you guys. I've been thinking a lot recently about how I write my reviews. Usually I write them just after finishing the book but if I really really enjoyed it then it takes me a lot longer. And I just write the review in blogger and then post it, but I know a lot of people don't do that!

So what do you guys do? Do you make notes as you read or anything? and do you spend a lot of time writing your reviews and then plan when you're going to post them? Or are you a bit more slapdash about it like me?

Happy weekend!!


  1. I'm guilty of judging a book by it's cover! If I have nothing in mind when shopping it's the cover that draws me in! I wish I could be more like you though. I have come across some really great books with covers that I didn't like and wonder what too me so long to read it! I'm already a follower. My FF is at Coffee Table Reviews

  2. Hey, Caitlin. I'm like you... I tend to write my review just after finishing the book. Some books - like the end of a series - I need to mull it over in my mind a little before I write it, but usually I can sit down and type out how I feel.

  3. Hi Cait, when I write my review I'm usually excited to get to it after reading the book, but most generally it is not ready to be published at that point. I savor my reads. They linger with me for awhile and sometimes it is difficult for me to quickly pick up the next book but I do like to have the review finished before starting my next read. Most times too, I take some notes while reading so that I can remember to share poignant moments.

    Thank you for the follow :) I am really happy to see your blog and to be a new follower. You have seen my answer already for our FF, but I did not mention how important the description really is. If a friend has recommended the read or if I am familiar with the author, then the cover will not matter one way or the other.

    Have a great weekend!
    The Wytch's Mirror

  4. Hi Cait, thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog via this weeks Follow me Friday feature, I'm now your newest follower.

    Your question about writing reviews is really interesting, I'm quite new to blogging so I'm interested to see what other bloggers do also. I take daft notes of funny bits, sad bits or one liners that I love as I go through a book and highlight parts to remind myself about important bits. I try to write it straight afterwards as I want to get onto the next book. I am totally impatient!


  5. I think I do a slapdash more likely! After I finish a book I get to writing my review as soon as I can so I don't forget all the details!

    I sort of do the cover judging as well. And really only one series has ever led me to read it based purely on the cover and that was 13 to Life. I saw the cover and fell in love before I even knew what it was about!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower
    Jessica@a GREAT read

  6. I don't take notes while I read. It's something I've always had a hard time doing. It causes a lot of problems in my literature classes. But, if there's a quote I really like then, I'll write it down or mark it if I'm reading on my Kindle. Other than that, no. I'm usually pretty good at remembering when something happens so I can just go to that part of the book if I want to focus on it when I write a review.

  7. That's so funny you mention the MI series because I think those covers are totally cringe worthy and I love love love that series, it's one of my favorites.

    Megan @ Read It, See It

  8. Thanks for all your views! It's really interesting reading them all. Jenni-Elyse I have a kindle now so I should probably start marking quotes down on that! It's so handy. I'm like you; I can't take notes either!!

    Megan that's the main series where I'm guilty of cover-judging!

    Thanks for stopping by =]

  9. Thanks for dropping by my blog...I'm a new follower of yours now too! As far as how I write my reviews, I don't take notes (although sometimes I feel that would make some things easier!) To make things easier on myself, I only read one book at a time and then try and write my review as soon as possible after I finish, so all of the details are fresh in my mind. I look forward to following your blog!

    Jamie @ Bookerella

  10. I think we can all agree that even the most beautiful book cover can't sell a book if the writing's not there. Book cover art may, at best, help steer me in the book's direction (especially if I'm in a book store) but it's not going to hypnotize me into buying it right then and there.

    I expound on all the marketing qualities of a good book. Just follow me back to my book blog -

    Thank God it's Follow Friday!?

    Howard Sherman

  11. HI
    Thanks for stopping by Book'd Out earlier. I am pretty slapdash, I have plans of getting organised and scheduling ahead but it rarely happens. I read faster than I write!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  12. Hi, this is my first time to participate in The Friday Follow My Blog Hop-A lot of the 500 or so blogs I do follow join in every week so I thought why not try it-I will happily return all follows

    The Reading Life

    Mel u


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