Monday, 2 May 2011

Memory Lane Monday

I haven't done one of these for a while! Memory Lane Monday is a meme I created where I highlight significant/inspirational/memorable books from my childhood/younger teenage years to share with you.

This week I've chosen:

Six Dinner Sid by Ingna More
Publisher: Hodder Children's books
First published: 1991

Description from Amazon:

Sid is a cat who is addicted to having six meals a day and glories in this lifestyle. Manipulative, persuasive and a charmer he has wrapped everybody round his little paw - each owner believes that Sid belongs to them only . . . until the day he is found out!

My thoughts:

We loved this book as kids. Sid perfectly symbolises cat-kind! Cats, as everyone who's ever owned one knows, are opportunistic little animals, and if they can possibly get extra food/fuss they will do whatever it takes to get it (provided it doesn't take too much effort of course, which it often doesn't). This book is the humorous story of one cat's daily deception designed to secure him numerous meals. It all goes wrong for poor Sid though when he gets ill and secures 6 visits to the vet as a result of his ruse! If you have kids, read this book to them. I'm sure my parents enjoyed it as much as we did.

Are there any books from your childhood featuring animals that you especially loved? Feel free to share in the comments or even better adopt this meme on your own blog!!

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  1. Great meme idea. I'm posting it to my blog:

  2. I never read this one, but the summary made me smile. Love the Monday Meme.


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