Monday, 9 May 2011

Memory Lane Monday

Hey guys, once again it is monday-and my dissertation is due in in a week, aarghhh! So apologies in advance, my posts, twitter activity and comments will definitely be severely limited this week!

Okay so Memory Lane Monday is a meme where I spotlight books from my childhood/younger teenage years that I felt had a significant impact on the way I read, or inspired me, or books I just have really fond memories of!

This week I'm showcasing:

The Malory towers series by Enid Blyton!! I know I've featured an Enid Blyton book before, but she really was a significant part of my childhood!! This series follows Daryll Rivers in her first year at the Boarding school Malory Towers-and each book represents a year of her school life, the same as with Harry Potter. It follows her friendships and rivalries with the other girls, and the misdemeanors they get up too.

I definitely think this series is the reason for my longstanding obsession with books set in schools, especially boarding schools. There's just something about them that I really enjoy!!

Feel free to take part in this meme with me! You can adopt it on your own blog, or feel free to share a book based in a school (boarding or normal) that you really enjoyed in your youth/younger years in the comments!
Looking forward to seeing what you all pick!


  1. Awww, I never read this when I was younger!

  2. I didn't read this either as a series, but it sounds really interesting! I wonder if it's something my daughters would like. :)


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