Thursday, 19 May 2011


Hey guys, I've created a lil poll over there -----> and I'd really appreciate it if you would take the time to answer it! PLEASE be honest, otherwise it's not much help to me! You aren't going to offend me, I promise, I'm looking for genuine feedback so I can improve my blog for you guys.

Ta very much

Cait =]


  1. I voted darling! I think you're reviews are perfect!

  2. I like your reviews. I think it's important to explain what you liked and disliked and why so other readers can decide if they agree. You do a great job at this. :)

  3. Voted! I don't think length really matters. Just as long as each point you're making is telling us readers something useful, it's all good. But if you can shorten them a little, keeping the same good content, that's even better! ;)

  4. Voted! :)
    I think it's not important if a review is long or short, the REAL important thing is you always say what you really think about a book and the emotions you feel reading it, bad or good.
    Keep doing your reviews in the way you feel more comfortable with, Cait! ;)

  5. The length of the review is not as important to me as what you have to say without giving away any spoilers not already blurbed about on the back cover. I like to know exactly WHAT you liked or didn't like.


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