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Top 10 of 2011: Best books read in 2011

Happy Boxing Day to those who celebrate it! Whilst I actually wrote this a while ago, today I will be indulging in our traditional Boxing Day lunch of more cheese than the average human consumes in a month, crackers and excessive pickles. Then I'll be going to my grandma and grandad's to eat my second (!) Christmas dinner in 2 days. mmmmm. Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas day and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's top 10's all week!

Today's top 10 is 'Top 10 books read in 2011'

Now, I've sort of cheated a *bit*, as because I read SO many good series in 2011, the majority of my list is an entire series rather than 10 individual books...but still, I think this is acceptable. ...right?

Anyway, in reverse order, my top ten list is:

10. The Restorer by Amanda Stevens. 

I LOVED this book seriously, I WORSHIP IT. It's got such a fantastic atmosphere, it's so spooky and haunting. The ghost concept is a really intriguing one and I loved the murder mystery aspect.All the information about gravestones and cemeteries and graveyard restoration was really interesting and the deep south setting was perfect.  Technically an adult novel, it's still suitable for mature YA readers and actually, I didn't really FEEL like I was reading an adult novel. Everyone should be reading this.

9. Ultraviolet by R.J Anderson

Such an interesting concept and beautifully, beautifully written. I loved the sci-fi ending and the 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' feel.

8. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern 

So imaginative and whimsical. A perfect mix of literary and commercial, Adult and Young Adult, this book will literally appeal to everyone. With wonderful descriptions of magical circuses and non-chronological storytelling it's a perfect read. A book you really want to savour.

7. The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

Almost literary in it's prose I adored this latest offering from Maggie Stiefvater. The plot is very creative and the characters very real. It embodies desperation, isolation, hope and love in such a heartbreaking yet endearing way.

6. The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

This was the first series I could sit and read non-stop (first 3 were released when I eventually got round to them). So fast-paced, well written funny and imaginative, they HAVE to make my top 10 list. City of Bones was actually my first ever review!

5. Defiance&Reckoning (The Strange Angels books 4& 5) by Lili. St.Crow.

I love how action packed this urban fantasy series is. Massively underrated in my opinion, my heart is consistently in my mouth when I read them and I can't turn pages fast enough! Doesn't hurt that Christophe is one of my favourite male characters! I loved the ending for this series.

4. The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins

I know I should've read this series before this year! But I finally have and yeah, wow. I love Katniss as a narrator; she's someone I can really identify with. The concept is fantastic, the writing is poignant and the president downright scary! THG trilogy earns its place in my top 5 for 2011.

3. The Infernal Devices by Cassandra Clare

Both Cassandra Clare series made my top 10, but it is this, the prequel series, that I love the most. The characterisation feels richer, the plot is deeper, more mysterious and the Victorian London setting really appeals to me. I can't believe we have to wait nearly a year for the final book in the trilogy, but you can bet Clockwork Princess will be making my 2012 favourites list ;)

2. The Demon's Lexicon trilogy by Sarah Rees Brennan

Another series I should've read a long time ago! Perfect YA urban fantasy and based in England to boot! The plots are so complex; full of twists and turns and you never know anyone's motivations/leanings/intentions until the very last moment! Full of hilarious, realistic and raw characters and with some of the funniest one liners I've ever read, everyone should be raving about this trilogy. I can't wait to see what SRB has to offer in 2012.

1. Divergent by Veronica Roth.

Yep, Divergent is my top book of 2011. The first dystopian I'd read in a long time, I feverishly finished it in 4 short hours and then proceeded to force the novel on everyone I've ever met, and some strangers to boot. Who didn't fall in love with Tris and her fierce bravery despite her physical shortcomings? Who didn't swoon over Four and his strong, silent presence? Whose heart wasn't in their mouths throughout this entire book? With intriguing and thought-provoking premise, and language beautiful in its simplicity, Divergent is totally deserving of a number 1 spot.

So there's my list! What do you think? Do you agree/disagree with any of the placements? Is there something I missed off and you cannot believe it wasn't included? Let me know in the comments and leave me links to your own round up posts!


  1. Divergent is a great pick! One of mine too! So is the Infernal Devices series and the Hunger Games trilogy. I must read the Night Circus!
    My Top 10 of 2011

  2. Love your list, Cait!

    I still haven't read Divergent (Eeek!) or The Hunger Games (Double eeek!!!)

    I need to read The Night Circus and The Restorer in 2012. They are on my list!

  3. So happy The Demon's Lexicon is on the list :P. Divergent is probably my number 1 too, and TID series would definitely be on there too! Thanks for sharing :).

  4. Yeah! More love for THE NIGHT CIRCUS. It's also on my list.

    I'm seeing a lot of praise for THE SCORPIO RACES but the premise isn't really attracting me and I really disliked her werewolf series. To read or not to read?

  5. Scorpio Races, TMI, TID, THG and Divergent were amazing. Can't wait to read the Strange Angels series! Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. You have some incredible books on here! Anything by Cassandra Clare automatically makes it to my best. Of list, and I love Maggie Stiefvater! Great list!

  7. Divergent is the only book I read this year (The Hunger Games I read in 2010) AND loved, but I think I should check out some of the books you have on your list!

    Happy Holidays,

  8. I can't believe you read Divergent in 4 hours! That some pretty quick paced reading. The Hunger Games would have definitely made my list should I have read it last year and I've been seeing The Night Circus around a lot. I just got that book for Christmas and can't wait to read it!

  9. Okay, I keep seeing Divergent EVERYWHERE. I have it on my shelf but haven't gotten around to it yet. I guess I should probably read it next, huh? :P Great list!

    My Top Ten

  10. Great picks!! I also have Divergent in my list.
    I agree with you that the Strange Angel series is really great, I haven´t read Reckoning yet. I´m team Graves. =D
    My Top Ten

  11. Great to see Ultraviolet on there! I tried reading The Scorpio Races but I just couldn't get into it at all. :/

  12. Oh I love the Demon's Lexicon trilogy. It's one of my favorites and I'm so glad a book came out this year because I get to add Nick Ryves to my list of Book Boyfriends on Wednesday. I really, really want to read Ultraviolet and Scorpio Races, both are amazing books I've heard.

    I'm so glad I finally read Divergent. Have no idea what I was waiting for. While it wasn't my number one favorite book I think it will be really close once I read it again when it's not rushed. But it will definitely be one of my top favorite series ever. It was just that amazing!

    I should have read THG, too. I'm hoping in February so I'll just have to wait for my 2012 Top 10's.

    Awesome list, sorry for the LOONG comment.

  13. Oooh, you have so many great books here that I love that I have no choice but to check out the others that I haven't read yet - especially The Restorer. Excellent top ten!

  14. okay. So I started reading the Demons Lexicon a loooooong time ago and because it was library book I had to return it. But if you swear on your bookshelf (this serious stuff you know. The bookshelf is holy) that it is amazing *that* much I'm going to march right back over to the library and read it.

    Anyone who loves Cassandra Clare as much as I do knows what she is talking about. Thanks for the list and the kick in the pants :)

    ♥ Trish
    Just a YA Girl

  15. Ohhh I love your picks! City of Bones, The Hunger Games, Clockwork Angel, and Divergent! Ohh how I devour on those books while reading them. Half of the list is on my tbr list! ill definitely read them by 2012... hopefully lol

    Here' s my Top 10 Books of 2011

    Jay @ We Fancy Books

  16. Man, I have GOT to check out The Night Circus soon. Everyone raves about that book. And oh, how I adored The Scorpio Races. How on earth does Maggie continue to outdo herself? <3

    The Hunger Games and Divergent are probably on my favourite books of ALL TIME list. WOW. Blew my away. I wish I had time to crawl into a corner and reread both of these right now :)

  17. Awesome list, Cait! You KNOW I share your love for Will, Nick, and Sean Kendrick. ;)

    Jess @ Gone with the Words
    My TTT post!

  18. Yes! Hunger Games! It makes me so happy when I see this on top ten lists. Its such a fantastic series. I also read The Scorpio Races and really enjoyed it. I can't wait to read The Night Circus, though. I keep hearing how awesome it is!

  19. Great list! The Restorer was one of my top favorites this year, too :) Can't wait for books #2 & #3 :)

  20. Great list! The Restorer was a fantastic read! I can't wait for the sequel I thought Amelia was just a fantastic character.

  21. Ahhh I agree with so many of these! The Hunger Games <3 The Mortal Instruments <3 The Infernal Devices <3 I'll have to check out the rest! Thanks for stopping by :)

  22. Great list! I loved the Night Circus. I read the Mortal Instrument series this year too and love, love, loved it. I still need to read Infernal Devices. Soon.


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