Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Top 10 of 2011: My Book Boyfriends

Welcome to day 3 of my Top 10 of 2011 lists! You might've noticed I missed yesterday and instead took part in the bloghop giveaway hosted by I am a Reader not a Writer. You can enter my international giveaway here.

So today is the day for book boyfriends, the day we will all swoon, fan ourselves and dream longingly of piercing eyes, chiselled features and washboard abs. Or in my case, of moral-ambiguity, razor sharp wit and emotional deficiencies *fistpump*

So my list, again in reverse order, is:

10. Sean Kendrick from The Scorpio Races

Yep that's right. Sean Kendrick. Why? I honestly don't know. He won me over with his quiet menace and love of animals. You know horses are EXCELLENT judges of character? So yeah, he takes my number 10 spot.

9. Jem Carstairs from The Infernal Devices

Jem is a bit of a departure from tradition for me, what with him being so cheerful and all. But behind that cheerful veneer sits someone fragile and broken in his own way. Plus he's just SO cute. and tragic.

8. Adrian Ivashkov from Bloodlines

Adrian. Sigh. I was team Adrian all the way through VA and then was HEARTBROKEN by Last Sacrifice. But then Richelle redeemed herself with BL. Whilst Adrian is still clearly struggling from the aftermath of LS he was his usual charming and witty self in BL, thus saving his place in my top ten.

7. Christophe from The Strange Angels series

What is it about Christophe that's so appealing? His penchant for uttering endearments in eastern European languages? The smell of baked goods? The fact you're never sure whether he's a good guy or bad? Whatever it is, Christophe is totally swoonworthy. Even if he did have that weird thing with Dru's mother...

6. Magnus Bane from TID/TMI

Ahhh Magnus. He's so..eccentric. I adore his fashion sense, his hilarious one-liners and all that glitter.

5. Will Herondale from TID

Will is just so broken. What you learn about him in CP endears him to you so completely, and at the same time he's such an utter nob. Whether he's singing about Demon Pox, quoting poetry or fighting demons, no one can deny Will's appeal.

4. Four from Divergent

The juvenile part of me really enjoys that Four is at position 4. With his air of quiet intimidation and inscrutable emotions Four is very appealing.

3. Bones from the Night Huntress series

Basically, Spike but much much better. Fit, English, a vampire...what more is there to say? Says bugger a lot.

2. Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries

Damon has been very high on my list since I was about 15. He's dangerous, morally-ambiguous and dead. So basically he's perfect.

1. Nick Ryves from The Demon's Lexicon

Nick is SO complicated. Not to mention totally gorgeous, a fantastic fighter and pretty damn funny. His true nature might be pretty terrifying, but his attempts to humanise himself have to be the sweetest thing I've read this year. Nick tops my book boyfriends list by a mile.

What do you think? Are you shaking your head in horror at my list? Or nodding in fervent agreement? Or sharpening your knives, glaring menacingly in my general direction and muttering "He's mine, biznitch"? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Yes :). I love your list. we share 8,9,10,4,and 2 in common :)... and I really want to read the Demon's Lexicon Trilogy to see what 1 is about. Great list Cait!! And I would never mutter "He's mine, biznitch" at you ;P.

  2. I don't think I've read any of those books...YET!

    However, I absolutely adore Damon from the TV series - so sexy!

  3. I love Adrien, I still need to read Bloodlines

  4. Well, since I haven't read quite a few of these I'm not jealously sharpening my knives...yet. ;)

  5. I love how you included so many Cassie Clare characters. She's awesome! And Will Herondale all the way! :D

  6. haha, my oh my, Magnus Bane!! How could have I ever forgot about you? Opps :/ Great list! :)

  7. Great list! I love my bad boy vamps too. They aren't treated right, the poor guys. And yay, you included Christophe! I love him, cookies, yum. :)

  8. ADRIAN. God, I love that guy. He's so funny and witty and so messed up and oh, *huggles him* <3

    Hehehe Four is 4. I'm so glad he made your list. But...

    *mutters* He's mine, biznitch... *cough* Of course we're not saying awful things about you! OW! *sliced finger while sharpening knife*

  9. my gosh I forgot about Magnus. Totally love your list! I've yet to read The Scorpio Races and the Night Huntress series but now I can't wait to! Love Adrian, Four, Damon, and Will!

  10. Great taste in Adrian, Jem, Four, and Bones!!! I still need to read The Scorpio Races because a bunch of people really love Sean.
    My Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2011

  11. Love your list! After I had finished my list I realized that I had totally forgotten to include one of the boys from the Strange Angels series (not going to lie, I am more Team Graves than Team Chris- have you read Reckoning?). And I literally just started Divergent- I am super excited to meet this Four character! ;)

  12. I am going to fight you for Adrian. He is as sexy as can be. I loved him in Bloodlines.

  13. I love that Magnus got on here LOL. Love them all! <3 Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Yay for having Sean on your list! Like you said, it's hard to explain why he fell on my list, but he did. He just sort of popped right off the page.

    I haven't read Bloodlines yet, but just finished the Vampire Academy series. Adrian became a favorite character, so I'm glad to know that he's alive and well in the new universe.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier.

    Laura @ The Traveling Owl

  15. Yes to Four! I loved him so much. A lot of your guys I haven't gotten to meet yet but I can't wait to since most of them are in my TBR pile. Amazing list!

  16. OMG! First list where Christophe has made an appearance! I LOVE him! I wish I had a boy that smelled like a bakery!

  17. Well, clearly Nick is mine. No further argument necessary. I love Will and Four loads too though (and I love that Four is number 4 :P). Jem as well. Awesome list! :)

  18. I love your list! Adrian and Magnus! Can you believe that they weren't going to include Magnus in the City of Bones movie? I'm so glad that they got a new writer to include him. Thanks so much for commenting on my post, and I'm now following your blog.

  19. Hey! It's Maddy who you met on work experience at HarperCollins... :P
    Your list made me chuckle, I'm actually reading Divergent atm *finally* but I have to say, I don't like Four that much. In fact, miserable person that I am, I don't even like the book that much... heheh... XD I'm sure there's something wrong with me, I must be the only teenage girl not to like it.
    You've really intrigued me about the Scorpie Races! I'll have to check that out.
    And you got Damon, my future husband on the list - whoopee! You also put Nick Ryves on there, in first place, I'd like to know why his wonderful brother Alan is not also on there? ;D :D I know, I'm just Team Alan. I'll finally get round to the last book in the trilogy at some point, and I really hope he gets an amazing happy ending....unlikely as that is.


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