Sunday, 17 June 2012

Contemporary Summer: July 2012

Hello darlings! I want to tell you about an event that will be going on on my blog throughout the whole of July! Contemporary Summer will be hosted by me and Liz over at Planet Print and will be a celebration of all things contemporary YA! At the moment Liz is battling both a fatal illness (I joke, I joke she has a cold or something) and stressful final exams, but she will be doing her own post once she is free better and has finished her exams!

I've been very much a paranormal fiction girl for a long time, despite reading a lot of contemp fiction as a teen, so this is a chance for me to branch out, read some of the amazing contemp out there and rediscover my love for this genre!

We'll have reviews, recommendations, a Road Trip week and a host of other stuff going on during the event!

And on that note, we need your help my bloggy loves.

We want to feature blogger's contemp recommendations, in three separate categories:

Favourite Contemporary Reads
Most Underrated  Contemporary Reads
Most Anticipated/Favourite so far 2012 Contemporary Reads

along with a few words/sentences about your choices! We would LOVE it if you could take the time to email me (caitlinhlomasATgmailDOTcom) so we can feature you and your picks in our lists!

I would also like to know, if you could take a road trip to/around anywhere in the world, where would you pick?

It would also be totally immense if any of you would want to do a few sentences, or a guest post on something to do with contemporary fiction; either it's appeal, or general gushiness about your favourite reads, or anything else you can think of! We really want to involve the blogging community in this =]

Hope you're as excited as we are for this festival of contemporary goodness!

(Special thanks to Liz, who not only made the logo but actually took the picture. She is one talented cookie)


  1. I'm really excited to be introduced to lots of new contemporary because, like you, I'm mainly a paranormal chick- in fact, last night when I was organizing my bookshelves I noticed that I only have one dedicated to contemp whereas I have something like 20 dedicated to paranormal. Oops. ;)

  2. I love the button up top! :D

    High five for us paranormal fiction girls! But, yes, I know whatyou mean about needing a contemp fix.

    If I could take a road trip anywhere in the world? Probably South France or northern Italy.

    (Maybe I could help out with a guest post...? ;P)

  3. Can't wait to see what posts you have lined up for us, Cait and Liz! This sounds like such a fun event and I LOVE YA contemporary fiction :)

    And I adore the button too, it's very pretty <3

  4. This is SUCH an amazing idea. I'm gonna try to send you some recs, for sure. I have a huge soft spot for YA contemporary fiction. :)

  5. This sounds really awesome!! I did get your email, and I'm totally not ignoring it. I am trying to think since I have only just recently started reading a lot of contemporary. I will definitely email you as soon as I put together a list for you. :)

  6. I emailed you a list of favorites! Enjoy. I like contemporary better than paranormal so I'm excited to see what you read and if you like my suggestions.

  7. *reads fatal illness part* *gasps* *continues reading* *slaps Cait*

    You girls are twenty five shades of awesome, so this event is guaranteed to be AMAZING!! And I seriously need someone to force more contemp on me, so I can't wait to see everything you have planned!

    I'm not terrible awesome/knowledgeable when it comes to contemp, but I'll see if I can think up anything/recommend books!

  8. I have a few choices in mind already! *starts drafting recommendations*

  9. I love this idea! Yay! I've only recently been reading more contemp too but I shall send an e-mail with some lists when i'm next on the laptop!

    Yay! :D

  10. SO excited to be taking part in this it sounds great and I wish you lots of success with it! The logo is so cute :)

  11. I'm looking forward to it! Love contemp YA :)

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