Wednesday 30 April 2014

Paper Vs Pixels thoughts

So my big thing for April was that I took part in the Paper Vs Pixels challenge set by Laure Eve and Hot Key Books! When the challenge was first announced, I knew I'd have to go with Pixels as I mostly read paper books, and I thought "no way, not possible" but after going away & looking through my Kindle & thinking about it, I decided maybe it was!

I drew up a shortlist of books, and while I didn't end up reading all the shortlist as a couple of others snuck in there (rereads and work books) I'm pretty proud that I read electronically for the entire month! It really made me think about how I read books...I found myself pretty uninspired when choosing what to read next, faced with a list of titles on an eInk screen rather than a stack of paperbacks, which I think is why I ended up rereading a couple of favourites & reading work books (the physical editions for which I could see at work, of course). I don't think it helps that I tend to use my Kindle for specific things: work books, editorial submissions and adult urban fantasy series. That means the number of unread offerings are usually fairly low, mostly titles bought in Kindle sales. I did, however, *pretty excitingly* get to read the sequel to Fearsome Dreamer by Laure Eve, The Illusionists, and felt that was just a perfect time to read it (and it is Ah-mazing!). In the end, I managed to read nine eBooks this month and I did not cheat at all. 

I only had a battery dilemma once, where my battery ran out on my commute into work, meaning my commute home again was sadly reading-free, but I remember how many times I've had to lug round 2 books for fear of finishing one and having nothing to read and really, having a Kindle is so ideal for combating this most traumatic issue...if you remember to keep it charged.

Overall, while I can see the many benefits of eReading, and while this was such an interesting experience, I wouldn't say I'm fully converted.  I'll still be reading certain things electronically, and will definitely continue to take advantage of Kindle bargains, but I can see me remaining a mainly physical book reader for at least the foreseeable future!

If you'd like to see which books I read this month, check back for my monthly wrap up this weekend!

Did you do the Paper Vs Pixels challenge? Which one did you choose and how did you do?


  1. As much as I love paper books I have to admit Kindle books are very convienent and my collection is growing. :)

  2. SO interesting! That comment about feeling uninspired when choosing what to read when faced with a list of eInk titles -- it's something publishers have got to be aware of. I feel like it's the same argument that people struggle to discover books via Amazon/Kindle; they have to already know what they want.

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